Go low: How to score well at Orlando's Shingle Creek Golf Club

By Erik Peterson, Contributor

ORLANDO, Fla. -- With generous fairways and big greens, Shingle Creek Golf Club is best attacked with big drives and precise short irons -- and a hot putter certainly doesn't hurt. But with water in play on all but three holes, playing away from the trouble is important.

18 Holes | Public/Resort | Par: 72 | 7213 yards
Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando
Shingle Creek Golf Club is best attacked with big drives and precise short irons, Erik Peterson writes.
Shingle Creek Golf Club in OrlandoShingle Creek Golf Club - hole 14Shingle Creek G.C. - hole 1

Here's a look at how to score low on each hole at Shingle Creek:

No. 1 -- With a wide fairway at this medium-length par 4, the only question is, "Are you ready to make your first low score, or do you need a few holes to get warmed up?" After a solid drive down the right side you'll have a short iron in your hands.

No. 2 -- Because it's the second-longest hole at Shingle Creek G.C., it's best to concede this as a three-shot par 5 before you even hit your tee shot. After a good drive, a smart layup to your favorite yardage leaves you with a simple short-iron third.

No. 3 -- A driver down the left side leaves you with a short- to mid-iron approach, which, if kept past the hole will take the bunkers out of play and give you a good look at birdie.

No. 4 -- With water not a factor off the tee at this par 5, feel free to let the big dog eat. Once again, playing your second to your favorite yardage is the key. Big hitters who try to go for it in two should favor the right, which will leave you with a look at eagle or a straightforward up-and-in.

No. 5 -- At this, the toughest par 3 at Shingle Creek Golf Club, par feels like birdie. With a long iron or hybrid in your hands, the correct miss is long.

No. 6 -- From the toughest par 3 to the toughest par 4, it'll take two stellar shots to get home in two. The only reprieve is that this is one of only holes at Shingle Creek with no water.

No. 7 -- It's the shortest one-shotter at Shingle Creek G.C., so commit to your club selection and swing confidently. This hole's greatest defense is its multi-tiered green, so pay attention to the hole location.

No. 8 -- Though it's the shortest par 4 on the front nine, a good drive is required because of water right and OB left. For your approach, aim for the left side of the green to take the water and deep greenside bunker out of play.

No. 9 -- Because it's one of the longest par 4s on the golf course, your instincts might tell you to hit driver, but a quick glance at the GPS on your cart will show you the fairway ends. If you're careful how much you bite off and favor the back of the green with your approach, you can end your outward nine on a sweet note.

The back nine at Shingle Creek Golf Club

No. 10 -- Another hole with no water where you're free to grip it and rip it. If you don't make a good score here, you'll feel like you let one get away.

No. 11 -- Consider your yardage to the water -- which is invisible from the tee -- or you'll find trouble. An approach favoring the right side of the green will give you a look at birdie or an easy up-and-in. Whatever you do, don't go left.

No. 12 -- A well-placed driver, 3-wood combo will leave you with a mid-iron third shot into a large, flat green. If played into the wind, this can be a bear of a par-5, no matter how well you strategize.

No. 13 -- With plenty of room right, and a lake all along the left, anything left of center is out of the question. A good drive will leave you with a short iron and a good angle.

No. 14 -- Situated along one of the most exposed sections of the golf course, wind can make this the day's toughest par 4. A wide fairway will allow you to hit a big drive, but par is a good score no matter what the wind is doing.

No. 15 -- Similar to No. 5, you don't want to leave it short here. By favoring the right side you'll take the water out of play and have a good chance to make par.

No. 16 -- It's the shortest par 5 at Shingle Creek Golf Club so long hitters have a chance to go for it in two with a good drive. If you're looking for a birdie coming in, this is the hole to get it.

No. 17 -- Take an extra club at this par 3 and swing confidently. The suggested bailout is left, which leaves a relatively simple up-and-in. Par here is a great score.

No. 18 -- A tee shot down the right side takes the water out of play, but leaves a tougher angle into the green. A bunker right and water left into the green gives this par 4 finisher endless possibilities.

Erik PetersonErik Peterson, Contributor

Erik Peterson is a former editor for GolfChannel.com, specializing in courses and travel content. He earned his bachelor's degree at University of Oregon's award-winning school of journalism and communication. He enjoys playing competitive golf and carries a 2 handicap, but appreciates strolling the fairways with people from all walks of life.

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